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The emotions, the reviews...of the customers are very important to each of the staff at The City Nail Bar and Lash. Let's see whether they like or dislike our nail services

" I recently moved to Denver and was nervous about finding a new nail salon. I recently had my nails done by Han and I am not even bothering looking anywhere else. She is so detailed, friendly, and talented!!! I can't wait to go back and try new designs! Setting up an appointment on Instagram was quick and easy, so glad I found this place!"

(5/5 stars - Courtney Browne)

The city nail bar is seriously the best in Denver. I’ve been coming here for over a year now & I have nothing but positive things to say about it! Everyone is so nice, and the salon itself is very nice & kept up. Also cute! Plus they have a bar! They make sure to take their time & pay attention to detail. the nail techs are all talented…. Han & Jojo especially!"

(5/5 stars - Chase Garcia)

Jojo was AMAZING ???. I am very picky about shape and design- FINALLY a place that understand what I am asking for. Also, the wine and drinks make it so relaxing. Found my new favorite spot..."

(5/5 stars - Alexandra Funk)

" We just love all! My husband and I go in every 2 weeks, you all are so nice and wonderful. I read other reviews on here about you and they are so ridiculous! We all know that only miserable people have the time and hate to spend time on being mean. Don't let them bother you! See you next week!"

(5/5 stars - Jennifer Edwards)

" I am obsessed with this place. I will never go anywhere else. There was an issue with 2 hours worth of clients arriving to their appointments late the day of my appointment last week. This resulted in me being seen 1.25 hours after my scheduled time. This was 15 minutes after they closed. They stayed 1.5 hours past closing to ensure I was still able to get my nails done. I didn't even know this until after they finished my nails. They took their time and did not rush so I would walk away happy with my nails, despite being closed. They even comped my drinks as an apology for the wait. Most places would make excuses and tell me to reschedule or do a poor job to rush me out. Best nail salon ever. (Don't mind my yucky cuticles. Its dry and snowy so they are angry. They were perfect when I got these done last week)"

(5/5 stars - Ashley Jobin)

Wonderful place!! I get dip powder nails done here and they always do an amazing job. The dip is long lasting and looks natural because they shave it down to make it not lay thick on your nails. They also offer drinks here and are hospitable to your needs. This is definitely my go-to place!"

(5/5 stars - Nadia)

" Here's the scoop: Fun glamorous decor meets good quality mani-pedi's. Massaging mechanism in the chairs work most of the time and they serve Boba, wine, and/or Champagne while they perform surgery on your tootsies...what more could you ask for?"

(5/5 stars - Anthony G.)

Out of the blue decided to get my nails done. Very nice atmosphere, all the workers are kind and double check to make sure you're getting what you want. Not to mention they give you wine while you're getting your nails done. I'll be back ????"

(5/5 stars - Erin Coggburn)

" I love this place! I recently moved from Aurora to Denver and I’ve been looking for a good salon for a while! I came into this place today and it’s amazing. Hannah and Holly took great care of me! My nails and toes look amazing. They are clean, quick, and professional. The prices are reasonable. Plus they have a bar!! I will definitely be back"

(5/5 stars - Alexia Diaz)

I have been coming here consistently for 7 months because they do a perfect job every time. They always match exactly what I want in a dip manicure if I show an example (I’ve done regular French, French black tips, ombres, etc). They have extreme attention to detail and don’t skimp on materials or techniques like other salons in the area. They always take their time and use proper tools. Everyone here is so friendly and the pedicures are also reasonably priced and relaxing. This is my go-to place and they have never given me a single reason not to come back or find another place. Highly recommend!"

(5/5 stars - Erin McCarty)

" LOVE this place. I hadn’t gotten my nails done in years, and they did a fantastic job. Not only were they efficient, they did such a wonderful job. I honestly can’t wait to come back."

(5/5 stars - Destiney Polier)

Love it. Went back here since I heard they reopened with new management. Did dip for the first time, and Justin did an amazing job on the ombre look I decided to try. I've been to plenty of nail places that rush you through, but here they took their time to make sure my nails looked right. Thank you guys, I'm so happy with how it turned out!"

(5/5 stars - Caitlin Kavanaugh)

Honestly a fantastic experience. I made a reservation for 3 for pedicures on a Friday. The staff was very kind and accommodating, the space was very clean and everyone was masked, and our pedicures look amazing!

I'd definitely recommend the Jelly pedicure (I think it's the Luxurious Pedicure on their menu). Feels AMAZING."

(5/5 stars - Sydney Ilg Malone)

My boyfriend and I were in downtown Denver and he wanted me to get the nails I wanted and we went to a couple places and no one offered acrylic sets. So I started calling and The City Nail Bar was the first place I found that would do acrylics! It was like a 15 min walk from 16th street but well worth it. The set was impeccable!! They shaped and cut them exactly how I wanted and were so friendly and accommodating!! Also, I loved the interior, it was very comfortable and nice looking! If I lived in Denver this would be my go to nail shop for sure! My boyfriend and I ended up getting engaged the next day so I needed perfect nails and that is what I got!"

(5/5 stars - Macy Alexander)

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